Meghan Markle, rumoured to be dating Prince Harry, also linked to celeb chef Cory Vitiello

The TV actress named in connection with Prince Harry has also been romantically linked with a celebrity chef.

Meghan Markle, 35, was still dating Canadian restauranteur Cory Vitiello just before she reportedly met Harry in May when he was in Toronto to promote the Invictus Games.

Mr Vitiello wrote a tweet on March 22 which read: ‘So proud of my lady @meghanmarkle being named Global Ambassador for @worldvision #worldwaterday.’

A month later, on April 23, the actress - who plays the character Rachel Zane in the American legal drama ‘Suits’ - was with the chef at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.
Meghan Markle, rumoured to be dating Prince Harry, also linked to celeb chef Cory Vitiello
In a 2013 interview with Esquire magazine, Meghan Markle said: 'The best job a man could have would be a chef. They’d understand the long hours I work and the drive and ambition it takes to succeed.’

But she added: 'I love how British guys dress for the cold. I’m from LA so I'm used to seeing people in sunglasses and flip-flops. There’s something so romantic about a man in a scarf and a knitted hat.’

Prince Harry, 32, flew into Toronto on May 2 to launch the countdown for the third Invictus Games for wounded or sick military veterans, which will be held in the city in September 2017.

The former ‘Deal or No Deal’ briefcase model and self-professed ‘foodie’ met the chef - a dead ringer for the playboy prince - following her 2013 split from husband, Trevor Engelson, who produced the film ‘Remember Me’ starring Robert Pattinson.

She married Mr Engelson, 40, in 2011.

According to reports, Harry is ‘besotted’ with Ms Markle and said to be ‘happier than he’s been for many years.’

She has made several visits to London, allegedly been on discreet dinners with the Prince anmd met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although the reports have not been confirmed either by Buckingham Palace or the actress’s representatives.

She was also spotted in the Royal Box at Wimbledon on June 28 and July 4.

The Los Angeles native has made no secret of her love for food.

‘So much of my being a California girl is having grown up with farm-to-table dining before it was this huge thing,’ she said in an interview. ‘Toronto’s food scene is incredible, but what I start to miss about California is the familiarity of the restaurants.’

Her father, Thomas, was a Hollywood lighting director and she worked for six months at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires before moving to Madrid. She moved to Toronto after becoming a regular in ‘Suits.’

It’s not the first time Ms Markle has been rumoured to be courting a famous figure. In 2014, she was linked with golfer Rory McIlroy after he nominated the petite brunette to take on the charity Ice Bucket Challenge.

The gossip mill went into overdrive after the coupe went out to dinner together in Dublin, but the actress quickly put a stop to it by insisting they were just friends.

‘I think it’s really funny because we’re so off the radar in Toronto where we film so we don’t deal with it in the same way we would if we shot the series in New York or LA,’ she said at the time.

‘There’s not a huge paparazzi presence in Toronto either so I haven’t really had to deal with it to the same extent that I think a lot of people have. I just take it with a pinch of salt,’ she added.

It later emerged that Mr Vitiello had flown out to be with his girlfriend in Ireland while she was attending the One Young World charity summit.

‘They're madly in love, the two of them were sewn at the hip the entire time they spent in Ireland,’ said a source.

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