Chris Brown's Lawyer Calls Accuser's Claims 'Fabricated'

Chris Brown's lawyer held a press conference to address claims surrounding the singer's arrest Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon at his Los Angeles home.

Addressing the media on Friday, Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, disputed many of the claims of accuser Baylee Curran, referring to them as "fabricated."

Curran told "Good Morning America" last Wednesday that while a guest at Brown's Los Angeles home, he pointed a gun at her face after he became angry when she complimented another man's jewelry. The 25-year-old model told "GMA" that she was "terrified" during the incident, adding, "I thought [Brown] was going to shoot me."

Geragos said Curran "described with great detail" to the Los Angeles Police Department the diamond jewelry that she said sparked the altercation.
Chris Brown's Lawyer Calls Accuser's Claims 'Fabricated'
The lawyer said that during a police search of Brown's home, "Nothing was found that corroborated her statement. They were specifically looking for a specific type of jewelry. That was not found."

He added, "There was no gun or guns found in that house whatsoever. There were no drugs that I’m aware of that were found in that house whatsoever."

ABC News reached out to Curran for comment on Geragos’ claims but has not yet received a response.
Geragos also disputed reports that the Grammy-winning Brown's arrest came after a nearly 14-hour standoff with police outside his home.
"This was not a 'standoff,'" the lawyer said. He said that he had advised Brown to wait inside his home until Geragos arrived because police had at that point not yet obtained either a search or arrest warrant, according to Geragos.

While Brown was inside his home and police outside, the singer posted to social media, maintaining his innocence.

"You’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing," he said in a video posted to Instagram.

Police have declined to discuss any details surrounding the alleged altercation and have described Brown as being "cooperative."

Brown's next court date is set for Sept. 20, when his lawyer expects Brown to enter a plea.

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