50 Cent, Waka Flocka, K. Michelle and More Show Support for Chris Brown

The internet was on full alert yesterday (August 30) after news broke that Chris Brown was being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Police showed up at the singer’s crib and after a long standoff, took him into custody where he stayed overnight and posted bond this morning. Since his arrest, everyone – including members of the music community – have spoken out and many are in support of Breezy.

One of those people is K. Michelle. She took to Twitter and questioned the validity of police’s concern in the case while also asking why more isn’t done by law enforcement in cases where people actually are in danger.

“They have a helicopter over this man's house, but they leave a black man laying dead In the street for hours. Hmmm,” she tweeted yesterday afternoon. “You do this to a man over something he was ‘Accused’ of, but you have video footage of them killing my black men. What a world we live in,” she continued in a follow-up tweet.
50 Cent, Waka Flocka, K. Michelle and More Show Support for Chris Brown
50 Cent also expressed his thoughts about the situation on Instagram and claims Brown attracts disproportionate attention from law enforcement.

“If your not safe at home when do you get a break?” He captioned a pic of CB. “If someone calls 911 and says you pulled a gun on them in your house, are the police coming to create a bunker at the end of your drive way for 11 hours to wait for a search warrant? Then live stream it, This must be VIP Treatment. SMH.”

NBC Los Angeles is reporting that Chris Brown put up the $250,000 bail and is scheduled for arraignment on September 20 at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, issued a statement following his release.

“Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes,” he relayed via Twitter. “Chris is out and well. The allegations against him are demonstrably false #TeamBreezy.”

Police in Brown’s incident yesterday (August 30) didn’t comment on whether or not they seized a firearm from Brown’s home, however TMZ claims that both guns and drugs were found.

Chris Brown reacted to the allegations on Instagram before he was arrested. He denies any wrongdoing and says he’s the victim of what he believes to be just another attempt to dirty his name and character.

Check out some of the music world’s reaction to Chris Brown’s most recent arrest below.

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