Chitungwiza Doctor Has Ex-Girlfriend Arrested For Dumping Him

A UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe law student was on Friday arrested on allegations of fraud after a fall-out with her lover, a medical doctor.

The student,who was only identified as Florence,was picked by police and taken to Malborough police station where the complainant Lenient Mangwanya withdrew the charges on condition Florence reunites with his friend William Gadaga.

Florence,a 3rd year student,is alleged to have helped Lenient,a nurse with legal advice and demanded US$450 sometime back and the former is up to end her relationship with William,impeccable sources told H-Metro.

When H-Metro arrived at Marlborough police station around 11pm,William was in a meeting with Florence’s lawyer leading Lenient to withdraw the charges and was released around midday.
Chitungwiza Doctor Has Ex-Girlfriend Arrested For Dumping Him
Contacted for comment,William could neither confirm nor deny that he was behind the arrest and confirmed his relationship with Florence.

“How did that story reach you H-Metro?Yes I know Florence but as for now I have no finer details pertaining to her arrest,’said William.

“I will come back to you after consulting the person who has correct details of the circumstances,”he said.
Florence denied the allegations saying William was behind her arrest and is up to frustrate her in an effort to save their relationship.

“Chiremba varikuramba kurambwa ndipo panenyaya chete.He threatened to deal with me after I indicated my intention to end our love affair,’said Florence.

“He phoned his friends who are police officers in Chitungwiza where he operates a surgery and I was surprised to see him around 7pm visiting my place accompanied by police officers from Marlborough.”I was taken to Malborough police and Lenient claimed that he had lodged a complaint with police against me in Chitungwiza in a way to recover the money William used on me.

“I never charged Lenient for giving him legal advice as alleged only that they are after recovering William’s money and is setting conditions that I must not separate with him but the truth is I am no longer in love because of his cheating.

“He decided to ruin my life by doing this on my birthday disturbing my peace and studies because he is well-connected and can used police officers to such an extent.

“I want to thank my lawyer for rescuing me from tasting holding cells but to be honest with you,I agreed to reunite with him only for freedom but I feel abused by William,”said Florence flanked by other students. Lenient refused to entertain H-Metro.

William was seen chatting with one of the police officers outside the charge office soon after Lenient withdrew charges.
Source: H Metro

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