Arda Turan absolutely destroys Arsenal while casually discussing his move to Barcelona

Do you need some ointment, Mr Wenger? Because you just got BURNED.

Ask any fans to name Arsenal's biggest critics and most of them will give you the same answer: Arsenal fans, obviously.
Plenty of people might have a pop at The Gunners , but it's the club's own supporters who most regularly slag off Arsene Wenger/the club's owners/the seat cleaners at The Emirates.

Which is fine if it's your own team, simply because that fact alone gives you the right to say whatever the bloody hell you want.

Case in point:
Just your normal reaction to winning a cup tie
Just your normal reaction to winning a cup tie
It's when others stick the knife in that fans start spitting feathers - which is why they won't be particularly happy with Arda Turan right now.

In an interview with Catalan newspaper Diari Ara, Barcelona's Turkish midfielder (and former Arsenal transfer target) spat out a throwaway line in which he mentioned The Gunners. He almost certainly thought nothing of it… but Gooners across the land will no doubt be outraged.

"I believed I would sign for [Barcelona]. I honestly thought: 'If I play very well, I will end up signing for Barca. If I just play well, I will end up at Arsenal.'"

Need some ointment for that burn, Arsene?
Need some ointment for that burn, Arsene?
In fairness, Arsenal have been labelled a poor man's Barcelona numerous times in recent years - and Turan was part of the Barcelona side that dumped Arsenal out of the Champions League 5-1 on aggregate. It's not clear whether his dig was on the back of that.

The only thing that's (probably) certain is Arsenal fans will be tweeting like mad about him.

We bet he's gutted...

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