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Lewis Hamilton’s Brother Had Cerebral Palsy, And This Is How He Treated Him

It is virtually impossible to get to be a three-time world champion without a certain competitive streak flowing through your veins. But thi...

It is virtually impossible to get to be a three-time world champion without a certain competitive streak flowing through your veins. But this is next level from Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton’s brother Nicolas penned an article for UK publication The Telegraph in which he outlined how far the reigning F1 champion would go to get one over his younger sibling.
Hamilton was destined to reach the top.
Hamilton was destined to reach the top.
Nicolas said Hamilton hated losing from an early age, and would always try to beat him in whatever games they played together.

While this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept for brothers, it is noteworthy given Nicolas has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood. Now that’s what you call ruthless.

“We are there for each other but understand our boundaries. But that does not mean that as my older brother he went easy on me. At the time, when you are a little kid trying your best to cope with cerebral palsy, playing basketball or running around, it was hard to handle,” wrote Nicolas.

“Lewis would always win. He would never let me have it easy, and my family never did. It made me stronger. I only have my parents and Lewis to thank for that. And part of that meant he hated losing more than anything. He still does.

“We used to play motor racing games, and whenever he lost he tried to make it out like he was not fussed. Yet we both knew deep down he hated it.”
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It’s no wonder Hamilton has made a career out of winning, then. Since arriving on the F1 scene in 2007, the 30-year-old has claimed three world titles — the first with McLaren in 2008, and most recently with Mercedes in 2014 and 2015.

So much does he hate losing that despite having already claimed the 2015 World Championship at the US Grand Prix in late October, he became increasingly irritated as teammate and fiercest rival Nico Rosberg dominated him in the season’s final races.

This ambition to never be completely satisfied has been what’s driven Hamilton to the pinnacle of his sport.

“That is why he is such a good driver. To be a successful racing driver you have to be selfish, and not really care about anyone else. You want to win, you put yourself in a position to win, and that is how Lewis has always been,” wrote Nicolas.

“Whatever it is — even a game of ping pong — he has always had that fight to win. He never thinks losing is possible ... It is that hatred of losing combined with how he is which makes him so successful.”

Hamilton’s displeasure at watching Rosberg stand atop the winner’s podium in the back-end of the season had as much to do with the pair's long-running feud as it did with his ultra competitive streak.

Hamilton wasn’t impressed with Rosberg’s success.Source:AFP
Hamilton wasn’t impressed with Rosberg’s success.Source:AFP
He has admitted there is still friction between the two, and despite Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff issuing a warning that he will consider changing the driver line-up unless both men can learn to coexist, Hamilton said he had no intention of giving Rosberg an even break.

“There is friction. When l was 13, I went racing in Italy and when I got there he was the golden child. He would arrive in a helicopter and have the best of everything,” Hamilton told the Jonathan Ross Show.

“But we became friends after our first race together, he was leading it the whole way and I was behind him and then overtook him on the last lap.

“We’re in F1 now and he, more than ever, wants to set the record straight. But there’s only room for one number one.”

Nicolas Hamilton acknowledged the pair’s differences, saying: “Lewis and Nico were great friends growing up. The fact they are so competitive is really affecting their relationship, and everyone can see that.”

The younger Hamilton obviously learnt a lot from his brother. He is also a racing driver who competes in the British Touring Car Championship. His cerebral palsy means he drives a specially modified car.

He became the first disabled driver to race in the British Touring Car Championship when he made his debut in June of this year.

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