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Daniel Ricciardo Has One Thing He’d Like To Fix About F1 At The Moment

Daniel Ricciardo has made revelations about his biggest frustration with F1 racing at present. Ricciardo, (26) wants a return to the old V8 ...

Daniel Ricciardo has made revelations about his biggest frustration with F1 racing at present.

Ricciardo, (26) wants a return to the old V8 engines that were once used in the sport, as opposed to the current V6 hybrid technology used in cars’ engines.
Ricciardo wants better engines and more noise.Source:Supplied
Ricciardo wants better engines and more noise.Source:Supplied
Speaking with Karen Tighe on ABC Grandstand on Saturday, Ricciardo said the sport was too “quiet”, making for a less interesting atmosphere at races. Returning to V8s would make cars louder and make races better spectacles for fans.

“I think it’s on all of our wish lists. When you go to an event and see it live, part of that noise and sound creates an atmosphere and how Formula One is now, it just lacks that a little bit,” said Ricciardo.

“People want something when they come to a live race, and that distinctive scream of an F1 car is just missing at the moment and we all want it back.

“It’ll happen one day soon hopefully and go back to its roots.”

The Red Bull driver is returning to his hometown of Perth for the inaugural Speed Fest on Sunday December 13 — an event showcasing 60 events over 25 motorsport disciplines.

He’ll be behind the wheel of a 2011 Red Bull F1 car — the one Sebastian Vettel drove when he won the 2011 Drivers Championship — doing drag runs and doughnuts for the crowd.

“It’s the V8, so it’s the real Formula One sound,” said Ricciardo.

“Unfortunately these days they’re a bit more quiet, but this one is definitely good for these events because it gives the crowd a good idea of what Formula One should be.”

F1 introduced turbo engines for its cars in 2014, a move that attracted widespread criticism because many believed it played a role in making cars slower and transforming F1 into more of an endurance event.

A decision was made earlier this year that, from 2016, all cars would feature modified exhausts in a bid to boost sound levels. The alteration means cars will have a separate exhaust wastegate tailpipe — in addition to the tailpipe they already have — to prevent the muffling effect produced by just the single pipe.

It’s not a new engine, but time will tell if it’s enough to put a smile back on Ricciardo’s face.

The Australian had a disappointing 2015 season, finishing a lowly eighth in the Drivers Championship behind teammate Danil Kvyat. It was symptomatic of Red Bull’s tumultuous year, the team finishing fourth in the Constructors Championship after failing to win a race for the first time since 2008.

The Christian Horner-led team’s future was in doubt after continued disagreements with engine providers Renault, as Red Bull continually threatened to break off their partnership with the French firm. But after being turned down by Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda, they were forced to continue with Renault power units in 2016.

But in the midst of this controversy, all Ricciardo cares about is racing.

“I try not to get too involved in the politics and all that sort of stuff ... for now I’ve just got to focus on me and my driving.”

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