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5 Reasons Chelsea Were Wrong To Sack Jose Mourinho

When Roman Abramovich re-appointed Jose Mourinho he did so for three reasons. 1. They knew what they were getting — so why not back him? Fir...

When Roman Abramovich re-appointed Jose Mourinho he did so for three reasons.

1. They knew what they were getting — so why not back him?

Firstly, because of his belief in the managerial skills of a man widely regarded as one of the best in the world, secondly because of Mourinho’s deep love and affection for the club, thirdly because that love and affection was returned by Chelsea fans.

So what exactly has changed? Chelsea are in the middle of a the worst run of results they have endured in recent history and sit 16th in the Premier League. But has Mourinho suddenly become a poor coach? Has he lost any love for the club he holds dear? Have Chelsea fans lost their affection for him?

The simply answer to all those questions is ‘no’ — and on that basis Abramovich’s reaction to pull the trigger yet again is a nonsense.

2. There isn’t anyone to take his place

It’s almost impossible to think of a name who could come in to Stamford Bridge and do a better job long term than Mourinho.

Pep Guardiola, perhaps, but he certainly won’t be available until the summer — if at all — and other rumoured targets such as Juande Ramos are not of the same stature.

The sensible decision would have been to keep Mourinho until the end of the season and take a more circumspect decision on whether it was the manager or the players who were the problem.

But sadly Abramovich has not been that brave.

3. 10 managers in 12 years — and counting

While much of the focus is on Jose Mourinho’s inability to stay at a club for more than three seasons, the record of trigger-happy owner Abramovich has yet again been glossed over.

The Russian benefactor has put so much money into Chelsea that he seems able to get away with almost anything. But surely it’s time for even grateful Chelsea fans to make a more critical analysis of his appointments — and the way he has despatched them?

Abramovich’s ruthless streak was evident from the moment Claudio Ranieri was jettisoned back in 2003.

Since then there have been a long list of poorly thought-through appointments — Luiz Felipe Scolari, Andre Villas-Boas and Rafael Benitez included — combined with good men like Carlo Ancelotti and Robeto Di Matteo who delivered success but were still discarded. It’s a flawed stategy.

4 They’ve bowed to player power again

Can there be another club where the players seem to have so much power over who is in charge?

Time and time again Chelsea have allowed a powerful cabal of senior players to have undue influence over how long they last in the role.

Scolari fell because they didn’t like his tactics, AVB went because he failed to inspire the dressing room, Avram Grant disappeared because he allowed players so much power that most people suggested John Terry was effectively managing the club.

Let’s not even talk about Benitez who dared to drop senior players and soon paid the price. This time, reports suggest it has happened again. Big surprise. But Jose Mourinho is not the common denominator.

5 We all could have predicted it

Mourinho’s re-appointment seemed like genius and quickly won over Chelsea fans who had been on the verge of revolt when Benitez was in charge.

But even as Mourinho was pronouncing himself ‘The Happy One’ there were plenty of people in the know asking ‘how long can this last’.

You only have to look back to Mourinho’s previous departure, when a row with Abramovich over transfer policy was widely regarded as the reason for his sacking to have doubts. But perhaps what people have forgotten was that there were also rumours of a fall-out in the dressing room back in 2007.

That’s the baggage Mourinho brings. Did Abramovich really think he was going to change? Having taking the decision to re-appoint he should have accepted Mourinho warts and all — and backed him for the long-term.

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