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Make Up Your Mind! Fun and Easy Decision Making Techniques

Do you ever have trouble making up your mind? There are many things that can get in the way of decision making. Perhaps you’re tired, need m...

Do you ever have trouble making up your mind? There are many things that can get in the way of decision making. Perhaps you’re tired, need more time to sort through the information or choices. Or maybe there are too many unknowns, you fear making a mistake, worry what others think or are unclear on your priorities. Well, whatever the reason these fun decision making techniques will help you make a decision – and move forwards.

Fun and Easy Decision Making Techniques:

FORTUNE-COOKIE! Using all 5 senses, imagine a fortune cookie in front of you. Now imagine that the answer you need is on the slip inside. Crack your imaginary fortune cookie open – and take a look. What does it say? (If it’s blank – imagine waving a magic wand and that the words then BEGIN to materialize). This is one of my favourite decision making techniques to access our subconscious mind…

STOP THINKING! What would you say if your life depended on it? If someone held a gun to your head and insisted that you make a decision RIGHT NOW! If you had to just throw an answer out, what would you decide then?

Make Up Your Mind! Fun and Easy Decision Making Techniques
STOP THE CLOCK! Are you one of those people who just keeps looking for more information? If your need to analyse and research before making a decision is getting in the way, try setting a time-limit. Decide how much time you’re willing to spend researching and thinking about it. Then, when that time is up – let go of needing the perfect answer and DECIDE. There will always be a better deal, a better answer somewhere – what is your TIME worth?

GET SMALL! Sometimes there is no substitute for experience. So if you THINK you know the answer but are hesitant, just start – small! Instead of analyzing and over-thinking, make the decision and move forwards slowly with the smallest actions you can think of – until you feel confident enough to go bigger! And this way, if you change your mind, it’s easy to start over.

LUCK RULES: Let go and let luck decide! Part 1) Write down your options out on a piece of paper with a good 1 inch gap between each option. Then, close your eyes, spin the piece of paper, point your finger and see where it lands! Tip: This decision making technique is fun to try out in a restaurant when you can’t decide what to have on the menu. Part 2) Now consider how you feel about your random choice. Do you feel relieved? Are you pleased with your selection? Or do you wish you had picked something else? How you feel when your hand is ‘forced’ gives you clues as to which answer is right for you.

AGE APPROPRIATE: Taking each age one at a time, imagine you’re 5, 25, 50 and then 75 years old. What would you decide at each age-point? Do this even if the decision isn’t relevant to a 5 or 75 year old, simply imagine what wisdom or recommendation you WOULD make at that age. Then, once this exercise is completed review your responses. How does that inform your decision making? What did each ‘age’ bring to the decision-making process? What have you learned? This decision making technique is great for giving you a number of different perspectives – that all come from YOU.

NO CONSEQUENCES! Imagine there are NO negative consequences to whatever choice you make. None whatsoever, everything goes swimmingly, everyone supports and is happy for you, your finances are fine, no-one is upset or hurt, in short – all is well. What would you decide now?

So, next time you’re struggling to make a decision, try one of these fun and easy decision making techniques and see what happens!

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